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Web designers in Sheffield

There are lots of them so why should you come to Abbeydale Web for your new website?

Can common sense and web design come together in the same company?  You bet!

They come and they go

Abbeydale Web has been around since 2003, as a limited company since 2012, and in that time we've seen a few fads and fashions come and go.  We've also seen a few web design companies come and go too - and gained some of their clients.  We find it worrying that so many should disappear so frequently - clearly web designers are more prone to abduction by aliens than any other occupation!


Small Business Specialist

Abbeydale Web is a family business, there are two of us, so realistically if Richard Branson asked us to rebuild Virgin's online presence we'd probably have to politely refuse, although we have been engaged as consultants to some very large multi-national companies for our combination of technical knowledge and common-sense approach.

However if you're running a small to medium business, or just starting out, and you want to make practical use of the web to grow your business then you're in the right place.  That's what we do.

We build websites that mean business!

We build them at sensible prices, we build them so you can manage and update them yourself, and we build them to fit your business.


Software developer, designer, photographer - but mostly developer.  Originally qualified in electronics, Mike has spent over 25 years in software development with the last 10 in web based software, developing applications in PHP, Javascript and jQuery. 

He has a particular interest in the 'man-machine interface' and believes that well designed products (and that includes websites) should just get on with their job and not be always in your face.  Which is not to say that he doesn't appreciate the odd "ooh - that's nice" from time to time!

Drools over carbon fibre road bikes and can often be seen cycling around the Peak District, dressed in lycra. He can be bribed with single malt whisky ;-)


Jeanette is interested in how people think, especially in relation to websites.  She handles much of our content, photography, search engine and internet marketing work.  

After doing maths and computing at college, back in the days of mainframes and COBOL, she  spent many years as a photographer covering most bases from Press & PR (where she photographed Prince Edward, Norman Wisdom and June Whitfield), thru Weddings, to Portraits, to Products - recently vegetables, micrometers and Bakewell puddings.

Jeanette is easily bribed with cake, and often found on her allotment: 
Beighton Allotments

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page last updated: 17/02/2020

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