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WebmailWebmail: email access via the web

Abbeydale website hosting provides web access to all your mailboxes - a feature called webmail.  This lets you use your domain based email address even if you're away from home and don't have your own computer to hand.

Step 1: Open Webmail

Enter your website's address into the browser's address bar adding /webmail to the end, eg. www.yourdomain.co.uk/webmail.

When prompted, enter your email username and password.

In the webmail window choose RoundCube - click the RoundCube icon or the 'Read email using RoundCube' link.

Opening your webmail

Step 2: RoundCube Mailbox

This is your RoundCube mailbox.

Pane 1 on the left shows the folders - you can create more if you want to save and organise your mail here.

Pane 2 on the right shows your inbox and a list of incoming email messages. Those that you have NOT read yet will be emphasised.

Double click any email message to open and read it.

Webmail inbox and folders

Step 3: Read Email

When you have read an email message you can reply to it or forward it in the usual way using the buttons just above the message pane.

To close the email without replying or forwarding click the green arrow - the one pointing back to the folders in Pane 1.

Reading your email via webmail

Step 4: Create Email

From the inbox list you can create a new email to send.  Click the symbol that looks like a pencil writing on a piece of paper.

Any email you send form your webmail will come from your website's email system so you can still be joe@bloggs.co.uk (or whatever) even if you don't have Outlook with you.

Create a new message in webmail

Step 5: Write Email

By default a new email will be created as a plain text message.  If you want to send a message containing formatted or coloured text, or pictures, you should choose the HTML email format.  This will display a list of formatting buttons above the email message box and you can format your email just as you would a letter in a word processor.

There are also boxes for the destination email address and subject, and you can enter CC and BCC addresses too - click the appropriate links.

Writing a mesasge in webmail

Step 6: Send

When you have finished writing your email click either of the Send buttons.

Your email will be sent and a copy saved to the Sent folder if you have so configured your webmail.

Sending a mesasge via webmail

Step 7: Deleting Email

Webmail is effectively a view of the webserver's incoming mailbox and if you normally use Outlook to handle your email then messages will disappear from the webmail as Outlook downloads them from the server.  If you don't use Outlook (or similar) then messages will accumulate until you delete them.

Delete a message by clicking it in the inbox pane and then clicking the Delete symbol - looks like a no-entry sign in the row of buttons above the inbox pane.  You can delete more than one message at a time - click the first message you want to delete then hold down the [shift] key while you click the last one.  RoundCube will highlight all the selected messages and you can delete them all at once by clicking the delete symbol.

Deleting mesasges in webmail

More About Webmail

RoundCube mail can also store addresses and will allow you to organise your email into folders but that is beyond the scope of this introduction. There's help in RoundCube itself but think of it as an online version of Outlook's email functions (or Windows Mail) and you'll be able to use it easily.

There are two other webmail applications, Horde and Squirrel.  Squirrel is very simple but a little dated now.  Horde has calendar functions as well as email and contacts and provides most of what you might need to stay organised.  Explore!

Webmail is effectively a view of your incoming mailbox on the server and if you normally use Outlook (or a similar email program) to handle your email then messages will disappear from  webmail as Outlook downloads them from the server. If you don't use Outlook (or similar) then messages will accumulate until you delete them.

Please note that your webmail account has limited storage and you can't use it like hotmail or gmail as you'll soon run out of space.  You *MUST* delete emails from the server after you have dealt with them.

If you want the convenience of webmail but need more storage we recommend you use an online email facility such as GMail to manage your email.  Click here for instructions for linking your website email to a GMail account.

page last updated: 19/08/2014

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